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2 Young To Retire Book
2 Young To Retire Review I love the 
Too Young to Retire book!


Facilitator Certification

The 2young2retire Facilitator Certification Training will prepare you to work with individuals and groups in the process of self-reflection, peer interaction, discovery, and action-taking. At the end of your five-week live training via Zoom, you will know how to market, manage, and facilitate the 2young2retire course, workshops, and conversations that matter.

Professionals with experience as coaches, counselors, financial & life planners, therapists, human resources personnel, and educators can become certified 2young2retire® facilitators. It is beneficial to have prior experience facilitating groups although this is not an essential requirement.

The facilitator training is based on the book, Too Young to Retire: 101 Ways to Start the Rest of Your Life, during transitions to their encore careers. You will also receive the 2Young2Retire Journal of Transitions, not available elsewhere.

Please contact 2Young2Retire to learn more about the facilitator certification process.