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2 Young To Retire Book
2 Young To Retire Review I love the 
Too Young to Retire book!


We offer a valuable new model for employers to offer their older employees with these outcomes:

  • Higher level of loyalty and productivity during the final months or years while employed
  • Higher level of optimism and self-esteem
  • Greater certainty that valued employees will choose to stay in the workforce longer
  • Increased possibilities that employees will continue as part-timers, mentors, contractors, off-site workers, or consultants
  • Community good will as older workers are provided with a life planning program as an extension of the standard conversation about entitlements such as pensions and health insurance
  • Greater incentives for recruiting older workers
  • For those employees that the organization wants to move out, the program offers encore career and community service opportunities.

PaulPortrait.jpgDr. Paul Ward has enjoyed a long career as an international management consultant and executive coach. He has worked with senior leaders and staff at all levels of organizations in Europe and the Americas and can provide coaching and training, designing and facilitating workshops and conversations that matter. Paul is also an inspirational speaker on topics relating to Purposeful Aging and being Too Young to Retire®.