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About Us

2Young2Retire is a coaching, consulting, and training organization.  It is also a group of certified facilitators and associates who support the philosophy that we all have much to contribute beyond our initial careers and we are all Too Young to Retire®. The community of certified facilitators represents expertise in a wide range of fields for those in the second half of life. Whether you are seeking an encore career, wanting to volunteer, needing to create a healthier lifestyle, managing your finances, or planning to travel the world, 2Young2Retire may be able to help you on your journey.

PaulPortrait.jpgPaul G. Ward, Ph.D., is an international consultant, master facilitator, and purposeful life coach. Paul has advised senior leaders on transformational change, business performance improvement, and values-based leadership. Paul is the principal owner of the 2Young2Retire organization.

Paul is a Consciousness Whisperer, awakening consciousness and human potential in himself and his clients. Helping people shape their future with higher levels of confidence so they can experience greater fulfilment in their personal and professional lives and achieve positive impact  in their local and global communities. To learn more, visit: https://drpaulward.com/ 

Paul is also a member of the faculty of University of Phoenix, teaching the Architecture of Leadership class and mentoring students through their doctoral dissertation journeys. Paul presented purposeful aging research findings at the Sixth Annual International Conference on Positive Aging held in Los Angeles. For more information about Paul’s research, visit www.purposefulaging.com

Paul is the author of The Inner Journey to Conscious Leadership: Ten Practices for Leading Consciously. He divides his time between Portsmouth, England and West Palm Beach, Florida.

For more information, contact 2Young2Retire.