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2 Young To Retire Book
2 Young To Retire Review I love the 
Too Young to Retire book!


Whether you are looking for retirement coaching, leadership coaching, or life coaching, you are likely planning for a transition or maybe even a transformation. A personal coach can be a partner, helping you design the life you want, establishing goals and plans, and making progress on the journey to living the good life. As your transition coach, we will partner with you:

  • Discovering what is really important to you in your current life transition
  • Clarifying your intentions for the transition and your life’s purpose
  • Designing and executing your transition plan
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Supporting you through the transition

The best way to appreciate the true value and potential benefits of coaching is to experience it. A free introductory coaching session will help us to see how we can best set up a powerful coaching alliance. To get the most out of your coaching session with me, spend a few minutes thinking about something you'd liked to be coached around. Perhaps a current challenge, a goal you'd like to achieve or an issue you'd like to resolve. When we schedule the appointment, be prepared to start "on time." We'll spend a few minutes with introductions, then jump into coaching. At the end of our call, I'll give you more information about working with me as a coach - and if it feels like a good match for both of us, we can schedule our next session.

Dr. Paul Ward has been a leadership and life coach for many years and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) successfully completing the Coaches Training Institute certification program. Paul is an intent architect, with a focus on conscious living and a passion for helping others live the good life.