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2 Young To Retire Book
2 Young To Retire Review I love the 
Too Young to Retire book!


“The course exceeded by far what I thought it would be. Paul taught a very personalized course, showing us the path to be a successful facilitator. It was a perfect combination of showing us how to facilitate and as well seeing it from the participant side. I never believed I could learn so much in just 5 weeks. I credit this to the excellent way Paul led us through the material. You could truly see that Paul was not merely teaching a course, but identified himself with the course and brilliantly understands what 2young2retire is all about.”
Martina Schramm, Certified Facilitator, Miami, FL; Spring 2012 Cohort  

“I really enjoyed the course and found it very helpful, exceeding my expectations with the content we covered and received.  Paul shared valuable resources, first-hand experience and tips to help us create our own workshops.” Joan Bever, Spring 2015 Cohort

“This course far exceeded my expectations; I was pleasantly surprised at the level and amount of tips, tools, resources, and materials that were shared in this training.”
Patricia Osborne, PCC Professional Certified Life Coach/Outdoor Retreat Leader; Winter 2014 Cohort

"The 2young2retire training program exceeded my expectations and added a valuable tool to my toolbox as a retirement plan specialist." Petero Wamala, Retirement Plan Specialist, Kampala, Uganda; Spring 2017 Cohort

"Working with Paul over the past many months has been a great experience.  At the outset, he laid out a process we would follow to get from point A to point B and it worked wonderfully.  But, I also appreciated his flexibility such that we could discuss whatever was on my mind, regardless of what our planned agenda was for a particular session.  Most importantly, though, Paul helped me to determine what was truly important to me and how I could incorporate that into my encore career.  The insights I gained about myself through the coaching process were invaluable.  Changing jobs is one thing, but reinventing oneself is another.  I appreciate Paul’s guidance along a very rewarding, introspective process."       
Eric Seigel, Business Leader, Coaching Client, 2017

“I appreciated your help and insights during our coaching time together. You provoked me to take action, asking for my commitment to tasks and deadlines.  In thinking of my transition, your encouragement to divide my time between "old work" and "new work" was also impactful - as it helped me to clear my mind. Also, instead of me expecting answers, you helped me to formulate questions that I could use to create a game plan.” Coaching Client, 2015

"I really appreciate all the materials and your incredible willingness to share them with us. The wealth of resources has really exceeded my expectations when I signed up."
Charles Kuzminski; School Administrator Mentor, Toms River, New Jersey

I am still thinking about and sharing with others what I experienced at your workshop last week. You have a wonderful gift for moving people along without "directing" but with kind solicitude.
Susan Schefflein, Writer and Artist